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Jeffrey Neff June 3, 2020

2024-03-22 | 16:20:13

"I had some very old family VHS tapes. They had previously been very poorly transferred to DVD. Ping Pong used the original VHS tapes and did an excellent job of transcribing them and cleaning problems in the original tapes. Everything was done on quickly and professionally."
Todd Southern May 6, 2020

Todd Southern | 2020-05-03 04:27:45

"About two years ago I took my 8mm, super. 8s, big vcr cassettes and the small ones that used a converter, to Ping Pong. About 120 of them. My time in RVN, young married life, kids, programs, soccer, cheerleading — lives lived like everyone. They did a great job. I just now began looking at them during them during this coved lockdown. Thanks PP."
Carol Galper December 21, 2019

2024-03-22 | 16:20:14

"I had many Many VHS tapes at were digitized by Ping Pong Media. I have jump drives now that hold everything and I have uploaded. Will give copies to my kids who otherwise would have no record of their early childhood. My tapes were old- from 85-94....some were starting to fade so I am grateful to ha be the digital versions. I have now spent hours watching myself and my children from decades ago—it has captivated me and made me smile with these memories. Excellent quick service, these folks are very professional. Since I like to support local Tucson businesses this made my experience even better. I highly recommend Ping Ping Media- get your old tapes to them and save the images since they will fade—and John one really has VHS players that work with today’s media. This is the way to go!"
Marjie Bibeau December 17, 2019

2024-03-22 | 16:20:14

"Thank you Bob at Ping Pong Media for being so fast and efficient at transferring my video files to a flash drive. So nice that you picked them up and delivered! Very good service! Bob was able to retrieve a lot of the videos I was not able to view. What a nice surprise! I will recommend Ping Pong Media to anyone looking to get those precious memories secured. Thank you!"
angelafilms December 1, 2019

2024-03-22 | 16:20:15

"Our family memories were stuck in reels from a super8 camera from the 1970s. Ping Pong made them come back to life. I'm forever in dept to such a wonderful service. There's more reels in the closet. Now I know where to take them. Great, fast service."
Barbara Neu October 6, 2019

2024-03-22 | 16:20:16

"We had very old wire recordings that we wanted transferred. They came over right away. I was leaving town in two days and they got the project done and delivered before I left town! Couldn't believe it-I was expecting that the project would take two weeks or something like that- they must have made it a priority. Wonderful quality. I definitely would recommend them!"