April 27, 2022

"Bob transferred a Umatic 3/4" video, 16mm film and 3 VHS tapes to digital media, quickly, and for a very fair price. Highly recommended."
April 21, 2022

"Fantastic response and turnaround and great quality!! Bob is amazing...wouldn't go to anyone else. Very accommodating to drop off and pick up the tapes we needed done. Very professional, yet genuine, approach. Bob explained everything up front, how he does the transfers to thumb drive, how he corrects, or "sweetens" the sound, and what to expect in the final product. Very pleased with the quality and sound of each, can notice a definite difference in the songs he cleaned up for us...great job, Bob!!"
August 10, 2021

"Bob took a cherished, barely audible cassette of my grandparents and transformed it into something I could easily hear and I a so grateful. He was also expedient in his service and offered pick up and delivery! fantastic service. "
August 10, 2021

"I had some old reel to reel audio tapes converted to digital. They turned out great! Now I can share with the rest of my family. Bob was friendly and competent and got the job done quickly. "
August 10, 2021

"Bob was great, responded to email right away and the customer service was outstanding. Took 10 video tapes and had them on a thumb drive in 4 days. Would recommend Ping Pong Media to anyone. "