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Movie Film Transfers in Tucson, AZ

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Motion picture film, other than carved granite, is one of the most durable image media materials ever invented. However, the era of the movie film camera, film projector and even widely available film stock is coming to an end. The movie films in your collection either personal or institutional, are usually in good condition and can be beautifully restored and digitized so that they are once again viewable for decades to come.
The motion picture film formats that Ping Pong Media can work with are:

  • Regular 8mm
  • Super 8mm, silent and magnetic or optical sound
  • 9.5mm
  • 16mm, silent and magnetic or optical sound
  • 16mm optical soundtrack, negative or positive
  • Workprints and release prints
  • Black & white or color
  • Negative or positive

Ping Pong Media provides 8mm film to digital file conversions. We also provide 16mm film to digital, as well as 9.5mm and Super 8mm film to digital file conversions. We can digitize movie film to a variety of image resolutions up to 2K and color depth up to 10-bit. We usually deliver movie film transfers as high-definition digital files on a USB thumb drive or USB external hard drive. The most popular and inexpensive delivery choice and the one we recommend in most cases is the USB thumb drive.

Sound Movies with Frame Perfect Synchronization

Super 8mm optical and magnetic or 16mm optical and magnetic sound films are digitized with perfect frame-accurate picture-to-sound synchronization. Also, we can digitize the audio from full-coat 16mm sound recording film with precise frame synchronization.

Ultra-high Pixel and Color Resolution

If you need film scans that are consistent with the best practice guidelines for archival film scanning, we can scan film at resolutions up to 2K, uncompressed 10-bit color and 96kHz/24-bit sound as recommended as a best practice by the Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative, the Library of Congress and other professional standards organizations.

Complete Film Restoration Service

Our standard service always includes cleaning, inspection, repair and then scanning, followed by exposure adjustment and color correction.

Your Films Stay With Us

We do all of our own work in our own studio in Tucson. Unlike most “big box” stores, discount warehouses and “mail order” high volume transfer mills, we do not accept your materials only to ship them off to a third-party or a high volume conversion facility in another state or country. The materials you trust to us stay with us in Tucson, Arizona from start to finish.

  • How much film do you have? A 3-inch reel is usually about 50 feet. A 7-inch reel is
    about 400 feet.

Movie Film Scanning Prices

*The digitizing price for movie film is the price for the footage of film in your project or $135, whichever is greater. Delivery on the device of your choice is additional.

Type of Movie Film Standard High-Definition Digitizing Price
Regular 8mm silent $0.26 per foot
Super 8mm silent $0.26 per foot
Super 8mm sound $0.33 per foot
16mm silent $0.21 per foot
16mm sound $0.32 per foot
9.5mm silent $0.28 per foot

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