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Sharon Thompson November 20, 2017

ED, Lesbian Home Movie Project

"Ping Pong's Bob Nichol makes short shrift of jobs other labs treat as impossible. Moldy 1/2" open reel tape? No problem. Seventy dvds into mov files the day before yesterday? No problem. And the results are top notch. "
Steven Schwartz August 29, 2017

Very Professional

"Extremely happy with DVD results. Will definitely use Bob again. "
Marvin Duckler Collection October 10, 2016

U-matic Consultation

"Bob was fantastic. 'nuff said."
Nathan P. - Anchorage, AK September 20, 2016

Aero restoration

"Upon careful consideration of transfer services I discovered Ping Pong Media in Tucson AZ. I had discovered several boxes of recordings and a few reels of film that had been passed down in my family and I really wanted to retain the quality of the images and audio as much as possible. When consulting providers for this service I found that some of what I was looking for, especially color correction was not really up to my standards. I am in the aviation repair and restoration business in the great state of Alaska and so for me attention to detail and quality are of utmost importance. Ping Pong was able to transfer all of my 8 and 16 mm film performing color balance and exposure correction, as well as video and audio tape transfer and correction services. I would consider the work performed to be archival museum quality and will absolutely use them again without question."
Jennifer August 8, 2016

University of Arizona

"As a film historian, I have come to rely on Ping Pong for all my transfer needs, knowing that he can handle fragile and precious cultural patrimony with skill and sensitivity. I have also learned more about the mechanics of media from Bob than I ever did in graduate school!"
Lynn D. August 5, 2016

Lynn D. | 2016-08-05 17:31:00

"Ping Pong Media treated our memories with the utmost care and created a lasting memento. We are thrilled with your talent and artistry!"