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August 10, 2021

"I had some 16mm films and some Hi8 videos digitized here, and the work was excellent and prompt. Thank you Bob! "
August 10, 2021

"Bob Nichol, owner of Ping Pong Media, did an amazing job of transferring my priceless VHS tapes that were over 30 years old and had severe mold due to the fact that they were packed away in my basement for over 30 years back in Massachusetts. I cannot tell you how happy we were to be able to view our memories. Bob went above and beyond in clearing up the mess we gave him. His prices were very reasonable too. Hey, Bob, we just found some more tapes so we will be back to see you shortly. Thanks for everything! ❤️ "
May 6, 2020

"About two years ago I took my 8mm, super. 8s, big vcr cassettes and the small ones that used a converter, to Ping Pong. About 120 of them. My time in RVN, young married life, kids, programs, soccer, cheerleading — lives lived like everyone. They did a great job. I just now began looking at them during them during this coved lockdown. Thanks PP."
April 1, 2019

8 MM Movies/Projecter Repair

"Ping Pong Media took 16 of my dad's 8 MM movies and restored them to MP4 files. They did the same with 4 VHS tapes, recognizing that the content of one of the VHS tapes was the same as one of the 8 MM movies already restored. They were also able to repair the Bell & Howell movie projector and ordered an extra bulb for the projector. I was extremely happy to have these memories more accessible to me and thrilled to share the results with my siblings. Thank you Ping Pong Media! Excellent work! "
October 9, 2018

"I dropped off 26 8mm movie reels with Bob Nichol, They were transferred to MP4 very quickly. The videos are far better than I expected. He was able to transfer every bit of these 80 year old family movies. I am now sharing them with the entire family via the Internet. I highly recommend Ping Pong Media."