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Media Transfer Services in Phoenix, AZ

When people, universities, institutions or foundations in Phoenix, AZ need skilled media transfer services, they come to Ping Pong Media. Ping Pong Media specializes in high-quality transfer and restoration services for film, slides, video and sound recordings. There are significant differences in skill level, experience and sometimes even equipment used by various media transfer providers. Ping Pong Media has spent decades delighting not only families and individuals needing media transfer services, but also many famous institutions, foundations, universities and other well-known organizations.

Whether it is transferring from a more common media type like a Betamax video, or something as rare as a mid-1940 “wire recording”, Ping Pong Media has the equipment and expertise to do jobs right. Whether you have captured these memories on home films, slides, videos or audio recording devices, they can be converted to a digital format that won’t easily break or physically decay. Transferred media files can be delivered on mediums such as a USB flash drive, external USB hard drive or optical discs like CD and DVD. If you are in Phoenix and you need any kind of old video, image or audio media properly converted into a digital format, contact Ping Pong Media.


Home Videotapes

Many of the once popular home videotape formats such as VHS, Betamax, miniDV, Video-8 and Hi8 are failing due to poor storage and age. It is important to have these converted to a digital format, before those memories of the people and places that you love are lost forever. Ping Pong Media has all of the professional grade equipment and the expertise needed to safely transfer those aging videotapes to digital formats that then can be safely stored for decades to come.

Motion Picture Film

Ping Pong Media provides archival quality transfers of small gauge motion picture film – 8mm, S8mm, 9.5 mm and 16mm. They also can provide frame accurate transfer of S8mm and 16mm sound films. Also, if you are looking for 2K, 10-bit film transfers that conform to the best practices of the industry, Ping Pong Media can deliver what you’re looking for. Ping Pong Media provides preservation and restoration of aging motion picture film to digital media.

Audio Recordings

Ping Pong Media can transfer magnetic tape recordings including both open reel and audio cassettes as well as micro- and mini- cassettes. In fact, Ping Pong Media can even digitize the very rare wire recordings that were in use before tape recorders before the 1940s and ‘50s. Recordings can be transferred to archival level 96kHz WAV files or the more convenient and compact MP3 files that you can listen to in your car or laptop.

35mm Slide Transparencies to Digital Images

Ping Pong Media can scan your collection of slide transparencies to TIFF or JPG image files. Transparencies generally have survived age and storage very well, usually with only modest color fading. But, the projectors that were necessary to view the slides have vanished. By scanning them to digital image files, you can enjoy and share those memories with family and friends. Once you have them scanned, you can even make photo prints from the digital image files. Most types of slides can be scanned, including 35mm, stereo, and any film format in a standard 2” x 2” mount.

videos and cds

Frequently asked questions about film transfer services in Phoenix, AZ

There are several questions that many of our customers consider before selecting Ping Pong Media. Some of them are:

Do you have a long history of providing premium quality film and media transfers in Phoenix, AZ?

Yes. Ping Pong Media has been a provider of premium film, video and audio transfers in Phoenix, Arizona since 2005 and is an active member of the Association of Moving Image Archivists. Ping Pong Media follows the quality and practice guidelines of leading authorities such as The Library of Congress and the National Recording Preservation Board.

How do I get my materials to you in Tucson?

You can ship your materials to us at the address on the Contact Us page. We strongly recommend that you contact us first by phone or email regarding the materials you have coming.

Do you only work with clients in Arizona?

No. We are sought out by clients from Phoenix, AZ, all around the United States and also Canada. This is because of the quality and expertise we bring to converting and transferring media into digital formats.

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