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Film Media that we Transfer to Digital:

  • Regular 8mm silent film
  • Super 8mm optical and magnetic sound or silent film
  • 16mm optical and magnetic sound or silent film

Your Movies to DVD, Blu-ray HD or Video File

We specialize in personalized service and museum archive quality work for every client. We can scan your 8mm, Super 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm movie films to archival quality DVD, high definition Blu-ray disc, or digital files.

Sound Movies with Frame Perfect Synchronization

We can also scan sound films. Super 8mm optical and magnetic or 16mm optical and magnetic sound films are digitized with perfect frame accurate synchronization.

Ultra-high Pixel and Color Resolution

If you need film scans that meet or exceed best practice guidelines for archival film preservation, we can scan film with the 2K resolution, uncompressed 10-bit color and 96kHz/24-bit sound as recommended as a best practice by the Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative and the Library of Congress.

Complete Film Preservation Service

Our standard service includes cleaning, inspection, repair and then scanning, followed by exposure adjustment, color correction and optional titling.

Your Films Stay With Us

We do all of our own work in our own studio. Unlike most “big box” stores, discount warehouses and camera shops, we do not accept your materials only to ship them off to a third-party or a “transfer mill” in another state or country. The materials you trust to us stay with us from start to finish.

Highest Quality Film Scanning

Our process is a true “frame-by-frame” scan. With sprocket free feed, we capture every individual film frame. Then we use computer processing to convert the speed of the original movie film to the higher frame rate of video. Any other process will result in either annoying flickering or noticably incorrect speed of the action.

Premium Quality DVD Media

Many clients are unaware that there is a wide range of quality and predicted longevity in DVD discs. We use only the highest quality blank discs. The discs we use have a projected life in excess of 75 years. Our optionally available premium M-Discs have a projected life of 1,000 years.

If you want the cheapest possible film scanning or transfer service, you should not come to us. If you want the best possible quality and workmanship with guaranteed results, you have come to the right place.

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