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Digital Archiving in Tucson, AZ

Ping Pong Media provides media format conversion services to professional media archiving organizations and filmmakers. We have done media format conversions for numerous museums, historical societies, special collection libraries, native American communities, feature film producers and editors, broadcast and cable television outlets and other similarly demanding clients.

In addition to consumer home videotape and 35mm slide conversions, we can also provide moving image scans at resolutions up to 4K and color depth up to 10-bit. We can digitize audio materials up to 96kHz at 24-bit depth. Whether you have motion picture film, videotapes or audio tape materials, we would like to talk with you about the requirements for your collection or project.

Because of the vast variety of services and the many possible nuances of each, it is not possible for us to provide pricing here for archival services. But contact us and we can give you a quotation for your project.

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